Bill Keith
Senior Project Manager
Buffalo Hotel Supply

Rochester Division When I began in this business 20 years ago, I utilized factory stock items or an alternate local fabrication shop for my stainless steel needs. This led to a large degree of frustration and dissatisfaction. At the time I was working with an “old timer” in the industry and he told me to “Stop messing around and go to Monroe Kitchen Equipment!” This was some of the best advice I’ve gotten since I’ve been in the business! Superior quality, full CAD service, timely deliveries and knowledgeable representatives in both the stainless steel fabrication and the fire system division have made Monroe Kitchen Equipment my preferred fabrication choice. I will continue this relationship as long as I am in this business due to my high rate of satisfaction.

Michael McRorie
Main-Ford General Supply Co.

366 Lyell Ave.
Rochester, NY 14606

I Have been working with Monroe Kitchen Equipment since I started at General Supply Co., which has now been 15 years. I Have always found them to be fair and honest in their quotes on various jobs. Once an order is placed they follow the schedule, keep us updated on progress and follow through to the installation. The quality of workmanship has always been outstanding. If there are any problems once their products are on site they correct them in a timely manner. I have enjoyed working with them over the years and will continue working with them for as long as I am here.

Richard M. Schaeffer
Whitbeck Food Service Equipment

My relationship with Monroe Kitchen Equipment goes back approximately twenty five years. During this time the quality of the end product has been exceptional. Most of the equipment has been used on projects specified by consultants used in local, state and federal contracts with satisfaction.

Mike Smith
Maintenance/Facilities Mgr.
The College at Brockport

Everything looks great, you have a great crew and great subcontractors. My employees are extremely happy with the results. Monroe Kitchen Equipment went beyond the original project scope and I greatly appreciate that extra effort. Any needed corrections were quickly taken care of by both MKE and North American Stone. I look forward to working with you and your crew again.