Stainless Steel Urn Cabinets with Backsplash

Dimensional Data: MUSO-6 & MUSO-10 Heavy Duty Urn Stands with Backsplash


Model No. Length Width Shipping Weight
(Approx lbs.)
MUSO 3624 36″ 24″ 210
MUSO 3630 36″ 30″ 263
MUSO 4824 48″ 24″ 280
MUSO 4830 48″ 30″ 350
MUSO 6024 60″ 24″ 350
MUSO 6030 60″ 30″ 438
MUSO 7224 72″ 24″ 420
MUSO 7230 72″ 30″ 525
MUSO 8424 84″ 24″ 490
MUSO 8430 84″ 30″ 613


urn_cabinets_splash_2MUSO Heavy Duty Urn Stands with Backsplash: General Specifications

Furnish N.S.F. approved semi-enclosed base urn stand MKE Model “MUSO-6 (6” high backsplash) or “MUSO-10″ (10″ backsplash) ….” Length x …..” width x 34″ working height as manufactured by Monroe Kitchen Equipment.

Top to be constructed of 14 gauge stainless steel type 18-8, 304, with non-spill edges. Underside of top shall be reinforced and rigidly braced. Top shall have an integral 6″ or 10″ high backsplash including 1 ½” return to wall at 45 degree angle with enclosed ends. Top provided with s/s drip pan pitched to 1″ drain and furnished with removable flush type louvered non-splash cover.

Body to be constructed of 20 gauge stainless steel. Welded to body interior shall be bottom and intermediate shelf of 18 gauge stainless steel, with back and side edges rolled up with bends, intersecting in mitered corners and meeting body in sanitary joint. Front of bottom shelf to be flush welded to stiles. Rear of stiles to be enclosed with the same material as the body. Stands 7’0″ or longer to be supplied with center stile.

Unit to be mounted in 1 5/8″ O.D. x 16 gauge stainless steel tubular legs with stainless steel adjustable bullet feet. Tables 7’0″ or longer to be supplied with six legs.

Optional sliding doors to be provided at front of body. Doors shall be double pan type construction of 18 gauge stainless steel and fitted with stainless steel pull handles. Doors to be mounted on overhead track, riding on ball bearing rollers with a sanitary guide on bottom shelf. Doors shall be removable without the use of tools. Tables 7’0″ or longer to be supplied with two sets of doors.

Specifications subject to change without notice.

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