Field Welding/Repair

We offer field measurements, fabrication, and custom repair projects for our customers.

Monroe Kitchen is NSF Certified

Why is an NSF Certification Important?

Monroe Kitchen Equipment products are all NSF certified meaning our products meet the strict public health standards required for consumer products. The NSF certification requires regular inspections of our facility to ensure the products meet the criteria.



Monroe Kitchen Equipment offers powerful, precise, waterjet cutting for fabricators and manufacturers. Your parts, your specs, our waterjet. You know the challenges with cutting thick, tough, materials from single solid pieces to multiple layers stacked for efficient production. Any you know precision matters. Tight tolerances make or break the job, and other cutting tools can’t beat the clean intricate cuts you get from a water jet with optional abrasive. What’s our experience? We’ve been there. 

About Monroe kitchen

Monroe Kitchen Equipment is a leading manufacturer of Custom Stainless Steel Kitchen Equipment in Western New York. We have diversified into many product lines utilizing stainless steel and find ourselves currently bringing our products right in to your very own home. Not only do we excel at the fabrication of commercial kitchen equipment, we have also fabricated many residential Stainless Steel Counters, Stainless Steel Sinks, and Kitchen Exhaust Hoods for the same reason, durability and cleanliness. Much of our stainless steel equipment can also be used as Clean Room Equipment.

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