Clean Room Equipment

In addition to kitchen equipment, Monroe offers an unlimited range of clean room equipment. From fume hoods to a clean room workstation / laboratory workstation and laboratory work bench we can help design, custom build, and install clean room equipment. Our clean room equipment is designed to meet even the most demanding specifications associated with all types of clean room applications including but not limited to pharmaceutical, chemical, aerospace, laboratory, electronics, optical, manufacturing, biomedical, and computer. Our sister company, Monroe Extinguisher Company, can also design and install clean agent fire suppression systems for these facilities in accordance with UL, Factory Mutual and NFPA requirements. We utilize the most cost effective, durable, and attractive materials for every application. Our quality of craftsmanship is second to none and our honest, no frills approach will help you save time and money. When considering a clean room equipment supplier, don’t let our name fool you; we offer much more than just kitchen equipment. Need more information, availability or pricing on our clean room equipment?  Call 585.235.3310.