Water Jet Cutting Services In Rochester NY

High Quality Waterjet Cutting

  • Unlike Laser cutting, our water jet creates no heat or mechanical stress on the material, and allowing us to eliminate any secondary processing.
  • Cuts by an erosion action rather than friction. This leaves a smooth finish without any frayed or delaminated areas.
  • Overall, allows a much faster, cleaner and more accurate finished product for our customers.
  • We also offer many other value added services including welding, polishing, forming, and field services.

Waterjet Cutting Capabilities

  • Ideally suited for cutting more than just standard metals like aluminum and steel, but also tough materials like titanium.
  • Large Cutting Bed Size of 11ft by 7ft.
  • Capable of cutting composite materials, glass, stacked materials, and thick materials.
  • Capable of cutting materials from 1/16” thick all the way up to 10” thick.

    Waterjet Precision

    • Our Flow Abrasive Water Jet pressures out a thin stream of water up to 60,000 psi.
    • Programmable Z-axis cutting technology allows cutting of advanced shapes and sizes.
    • Can cut materials at an extremely tight tolerance as close as 0.005(0.125mm).

    Monroe Kitchen  Waterjet Cutting Machine – Cut Any Material

    Monroe Kitchen Equipment offers powerful, precise, waterjet cutting for fabricators and manufacturers. Your parts, your specs, our waterjet. You know the challenges with cutting thick, tough, materials from single solid pieces to multiple layers stacked for efficient production. Any you know precision matters. Tight tolerances make or break the job, and other cutting tools can’t beat the clean intricate cuts you get from a water jet with optional abrasive. What’s our experience? We’ve been there. Monroe Kitchen Equipment has been cutting, welding, forming, and fitting materials together for more than a generation. So we know the difference a waterjet can make, and now we’re offering this capability to you.

    Let’s talk materials. We cut through steel, stone, plastic, wood, ceramic and just about anything else you work with. Let’s talk big numbers. Our table is 10ft x 6f thick and cuts anything up to 6in thick. And small numbers…our cuts are accurate up to 1/5000ths of an inch.

    It just makes sense. Monroe Kitchen Equipment has the tool you need. We’re proud to be part of the manufacturing community, and offer this service to you. If you’re already thinking of a project the waterjet might be right for, give us a call and we’ll take it from there.

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