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At Monroe Kitchen, we understand that every food truck is unique, and its success hinges on the seamless integration of efficient, high-quality equipment. With our expertise in fabricating and installing custom countertops, sinks, tables, refrigerators, exhaust systems, and fire suppression systems, we take pride in elevating your food truck experience to new heights.

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Custom food truck and safety equipment installer

Monroe Kitchen is a NSF Certified Company.

Why Choose Monroe Kitchen Equipment for Fabrication & Installation?

Our skilled craftsmen, with years of experience, ensure precision and attention to detail in every fabrication and installation. Recognizing the uniqueness of each food truck, we collaborate closely with you for your custom fabrications. We prioritize the longevity and durability of our installations by sourcing the highest quality materials, and maintaining a commitment to excellence from fabrication to final installation. 

food truck extinguisher systems
food truck range hood
food truck fryer extinguisher hood

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