Stainless Steel Dish Tables




Component Parts

  1. Backsplash, Integral to top
  2. Corner Turns
  3. Field Joint
  4. Pre-Rinse Sink
  5. Pre-Rinse Faucet
  6. Scrap Block
  7. Tray Rest
  8. Drain Trough
  9. Scrapping Trough
  10. Disposal Cone
  11. Disposal
  12. Dish Pass Shelf
  13. Dish Pass Window Frame
  14. Sliding Door
  15. Shelving
  16. Booster Glides
  1. Utility Sink
  2. Liquid Drain
  3. Silver Soak Sink
  4. S/S Channel Bracing Under
  5. Undercoating
  6. Legs
  7. Cross Bracing
  8. Dish Rack Unit
  9. Dish Rack Return
  10. Vertical Tray Racks
  11. Enclosure Panel
  12. Enclosed Based Cabinets
  13. Edge Variations
  14. Welding of MKE Sink to Dishtable


General Specifications for Dish Tables

Dish tables shall be constructed to the exact required size and shape, and shall include accessories desired, as manufactured by Monroe Kitchen Equipment.

Tops shall be constructed of either #14 ga. or #16 ga. stainless steel, type 18-8, 300 series, with all seams welded, ground, and polished, to a #4 finish.

All working edges shall be turned up 3″ and finished with a 1 ½” sanitary roll at 180 degrees. All horizontal and vertical bends shall have a ¾” radius rounded corner.

Welded to channels shall be fully enclosed sanitary gussets which are designed to securely hold the 1 5/8″ O.D. x 16 gauge stainless steel tubular legs with stainless steel adjustable bullet feet. Legs shall be secured to gussets with slotless plated gusset bolts. Welded cross rail bracing shall run front to back between legs, at 10″ above finished floor, and shall be the same size and material as legs.

Where field joint(s) are required, (due to length, shipping, or access to installation) bolted type joints shall be hairline fitted and sealed by contractor according to local regulations. Welded type shall have hairline seam, then welded integral, ground smooth and polished.

Standard integral pre-rinse sink, 20″ x 20″ x 5″ deep, with removable stainless steel perforated scrap basket and rack slide assembly. Standard integral backsplash shall be 6″ high, from bed of table, with a 2″ return to wall at 45 degree slope.

All Monroe Kitchen Equipment dish tables to be constructed in compliance with the National Sanitation Foundation requirements.

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