Stainless Steel Cafeteria Counters




Custom Equipment
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  1. Tray and Silver Section
    1. Recessed Tray Section
    2. Silverware Dispenser
    3. Silver Box
    4. Free Standing Unit
  2. Tray Slides
    1. 3 Bar Type – S/S
    2. Inverted Channel Type Ribs – S/S
    3. Inverted “V” Type Ribs – S/S
    4. Solid – S/S
  3. Food Warmers
    1. Individual Hot Food or Soup Well – Wet or dry type.
  4. Water Fill Faucet
  5. Cold Pan
    1. Ice Cooled
    2. Mechanical Cooled
  6. Refrigerated Base
  1. Doors
    1. Sliding
    2. Hinged
  2. Heating Facilities for counters
    • Electric Strip Heaters
  3. Milk Cooler
    18 Ga. stainless steel tank insulated s/s
    insulated sliding doors on top
    1. Ice Cooled
    2. Mechanical Cooled
  4. Cutout for Ice Cream or Milk Box
  5. Cutout for Self-Leveling Dispenser
  6. Water Stations
  7. Urn Drain Through
  8. Cashier Station
    Built into counter. Includes foot rest, coved cash drawer with lock.
  9. Drawer Sections
    1. Double Drawer Section
    2. Triple Drawer Section
  10. Recess in Counter Top
  11. Returns on Counter
  12. Field Joints
    1. Bolted
    2. Welded
  13. Column Cut-Out
  14. Kick Base
  15. Counter Legs
  16. Stainless Steel Undershelves
  17. Protector Case
  18. Display Case


Cafeteria Counter – Specifications

N.S.F. approved Cafeteria Counter as manufactured by Monroe Kitchen Equipment.

Top shall be one piece construction of 14 gauge stainless steel type 18-8, 304. Underside of top to be reinforced and rigidly braced.

Body shall be constructed of 20 gauge 18-8, 304 stainless steel. Optional body finishes, such as formica veneer, to be available. Bottom and intermediate shelves provided where specified and to be same gauge and material as body.

Tray slide shall be “3 bar type” of 1” O.D. polished s/s tubing or solid tray slide of 14 gauge stainless steel type 18-8 304 series with raised rubbing track. All welds to be concealed. Tray to be mounted with stainless steel brackets.

Electrical components, unless otherwise specified, to be wired in factory to junction box(es) on underside of unit ready for final connection by others.

Unit to be mounted on 1 5/8” O.D. #16 gauge stainless steel tubular legs with stainless steel adjustable bullet feet.

Entire unit, excepting the protector case or display case, shall be shipped set up unless otherwise notified.

Specifications subject to change without prior notification.

Please contact us for more information, availability or pricing.